Living According to Your Capabilities

You want to travel to Japan, but you are earning less than half of the total price of money needed for a 5-day stay complete with everything. You also have bills to pay, and you like taking the cab when going to work on a daily basis. You want Japan, but you do not want to cut costs on the meals you eat. You do not want to ride public transportation to work or at least study if it works for you. You work two jobs to double your earnings, and then sacrifice your health in the process.

The first question to ask here is, is everything you are doing worth the struggles you go through? Every form of struggle is worth the challenge, but if the struggles do not merit you any intelligence or new experiences, is the time, money and passion you spent worth it?

To learn, you will need to have a sound mind and body. You can burn yourself out if you rush things that you want. Instead, allow your investments to slowly flourish and develop with the income you are getting. If you want to go to Japan and your salary is less than half the total price to get there, then make a financial plan within a manageable timeline that will not stretch you and your strength short.

Live according to your capabilities. Do not over-extend your capabilities because we have limitations. Should you stretch your limitations, take it slow and increase it gradually. Nothing bad ever happened when you take things slow with a plan.

Embracing All Your Personal Quirks

People laughed or reacted in shock when Salvador Dali walked around the city of Paris, looking normal as he surrealistically handled his artwork as if for performance art. His particular weirdness is what actually fuels his imagination, which helps him create the masterpieces he has. Dali has embraced all that he was, which contributed to the way he formulates processes, rituals and self-inflicted experiences, to help him create what he needs.

Personal quirks are often shunned or done away with by people who work in formal and civil occupations. If you are a bank teller, clients expect you to look your best and process their money as efficiently as possible. If you work in sales, your formal attire shows your personal confidence, but you can never say your opinion about the company’s products because you aim to sell.

The goal of most artists is express themselves and show a new perspective on things. A new perspective is often the result of a different experience or perception of an object or event. Some artists want to feel and express themselves more honestly. Some will even tell themselves that they are pretentious and talk to themselves. Those are personal quirks.

So embrace them and be proud of them. Look through them and see what ideas formulate inside your head, which helps you create your new artworks. Your quirks also make you unique from the rest of the world.

Accepting Everything That’s Right In Front Of You

I have been reading the news, and for one, I will say it is very depressing. With all the new laws restricting the freedom of other people and unfair governments, I sadly questioned my existence in a world of injustice even in a democratic world promising an individual’s freedom as its highest value. But then, I realized that this is life.

Life has ups and downs, life is unfair. Life is sometimes boring. Even the richest people in the world understand that luxury does not make life. Everyone understands that life is just lived because it helps us build a story. This story is of our own with us only having a limited form of control over events that happen.

I am not talking about destiny or fate, but I am talking about causality. Things just happen because other people’s actions also factor in. When I realized that other people have an indirect say in the direction of your life, that is when I learned that acceptance and doing something about such events is the key.

Most people will complain about the actions of the other person instead of planning how to adjust or even turn the tables against the people who had done them wrong. Action is very important, and the acceptance of the situation is the key to planning and making action.

So the next time you find yourself in a rut, just accept the situation and gauge what you will lose and what you will gain. It is all up to perspective, and different perspectives take form when you realize that something does exist and only things that exist are your tools to change it.

Knowing Insurance and Knowing Your Work Accident Compensation Rights

When my older sister contracted a rare disease, we rushed her to the hospital quickly. Doctors quickly sorted out the issue as an asbestos-related case. Asbestos is a very dangerous chemical because it could harden the lungs, making it difficult for the patient to breathe and could even imperil his or her life.

My sister had a medical insurance and I was the one who processed it. However, the insurance company iterated that it only covers certain disease and unfortunately, asbestos-related cases are not included. I was frustrated because my sister’s employers were the one who issued this insurance.

I contacted my sister’s other workmates who are also experiencing minor asbestos-disease troubles. Their families told me that we could approach the employer and get the compensation due for them.

Not taking any chances, I contacted to provide a claims expert that would help with the situation. The employer refused after the first meeting. However, the employer agreed to provide recompense for all medical bills, including emotional, psychological and possible loss of consortium, after my claims expert pointed out that they could be closed down for unsanitary working environments.

It appears my claims expert also called on chemical inspectors, who then found that the entire floor my sister and her workmates worked in used a strong concentrate of asbestos.

However, the lesson we learned here is that even if the employers assure you of a hefty insurance policy, be prepared for any circumstance that the insurance will not cover. In such a case, know how to work with a claims management company or expert to help you get all the compensation you or anybody you are claiming for, deserves.

Why Emotional Attachment is Very Important

People improve when they learn things individually. Learning the hard way via firsthand experience of something going wrong is always the best way to prepare one’s self the next time, even if the circumstances change. Detachment often softens the blow of these circumstances, especially if other individuals are involved.

Most people nowadays shy away from emotional attachment to avoid getting themselves hurt and to ensure they still have an objective perspective of anything that is happening. I myself am detached, but only to a certain point. Too much detachment means dealing with everything as a form of business where only personal gain is the key point.

While many people may tell me that emotional attachment is pointless and will only lead to mistakes and late cynicism, emotional attachment is also important because it helps you validate yourself.

Being detached from people, you better yourself through the quantifiable changes happening all around you, but you never learn the true improvements you have made without measuring your emotional attachment in doing something for a hundred percent.

Detachment can make you cynical about the final results of something that you are doing, which reduces the effort you put into doing such things. As a result, you don’t really learn as much from what you have done, except only on an objective level. Learning with passion requires emotional attachment to that something or someone, and the harder it is to feel emotional attachment, the better your learnings could be.


Why It Won’t Pay to be Cynical

My family, my friends and myself greatly saw me as the biggest cynic the world ever had in the past. I would criticise every positive property one thing, event or person will have and will justify it through possible means without any evidence present for such judgment. Cynicism got the better of me, but not until the previous year 2013 (happy new year, my reader, by the way).

The previous year, I accomplished many things because I have not had time to think about anything except accomplishing my goals. I have gone on a trip to the Caribbean by myself without any companion and learned a lot about myself. I furthered this by giving myself a long-awaited meditation and goal-setting activity. I have also done well in finding work for myself, work that I’ve always wanted.

For the most part of the previous year, I did not criticise anything at all. I left to trust people without being cynical about them. While a small amount of critical thinking about a person’s traits is important, judging them already while interacting is a different matter. You learn more about people based on their actions and if you’re already cynical about their good nature but you would not leave it to your critical thinking first, then you won’t do much good for yourself or the other person.

It would not pay to be productive if you are cynical all the time. It is not all nightmares and heartbreaks in the world as I used to think. Sometimes, you need to think that you do things for itself being the reason. The reward is always in the journey, and the journey never fails to reward.

Handling the Big Decision Risks

Big decisions and big risks, it is never easy for anybody, even for someone looking for inspiration. Taking a large risks invokes the same feeling as getting nervous during a public address, or performing live onstage. You fear for your safety, you’re scared to make mistakes and to face the consequences if things do not go right.

Handling big decisions could put one in great pressure, but handling big decisions means accepting all the possible outcomes and having a back-up action for it. Nobody will make the proper decision at the right time, but if one plans perfectly should he or she fail, then he or she had not failed at all.

One forgets nervousness when one knows that things will be better regardless of the outcome. However, if you don’t have time to plan for anything eventful that can happen, facing the music regardless of the outcome and finding the courage for such is a learning experience; once you realize your mistakes, you are not likely to create them again.

Always remember that life is about making mistakes and making choices. You are likely to make mistakes in the latter for half or most of the time. However, the best and the most inspirational stories one ever has is when they bring themselves back up from the bottom.

When You Feel Isolated

Human interaction is something that any person needs. Talking to another person can be similar to looking at a mirror and telling yourself realizations that you only understand when talking to someone.

I’ve grown to love human interaction even if I’ve been an introvert for the majority of my life. Isolation is something that is not despisable for me. In fact I love being alone for most of the time. But sometimes, being alone for too much in your life leads to you feeling isolated from the rest of the world.

Isolation actually gives way to becoming indifferent about almost anything in the world. Without any interaction from the outside world, you develop a habit of reassuring yourself by means of yourself. Indeed it is good advice to listen to yourself, but it is also good advice to understand that you are not always right.

When you feel isolated, reach out. The Internet might be your safest way to interact with people, but if you intend to breathe life to your isolation and at least get to know more about yourself, interacting with other people in the outside world is the key.

Trust me, there is nothing wrong in approaching a person and asking them about their day and conversing with them about things. You will get rejected most of the time, but you’ll end up with some few conversations that you really need.

Taking a Break from the Pace

Creativity is something that finds you and not the other way around. If it finds you, your inspiration gives you plenty of ideas to do something creative. One day, week or a month you go on a great streak of creating the best ideas ever. But in some, you find yourself totally wrecked and unable to pick up a pen, brush or your instrument. So what’s the reason behind this?

I myself find it difficult to write anything to make a song. But I discovered that being too absorbed in one thing restricts the development of a new idea.

How people find something interesting or different in art and creativity is the way they immerse themselves in what seems to be a “normal” world. I’ve tried this experiment once.

I took a break with my true self and I’ve lived the life of someone in the existing stereotypes of normality. These stereotypes are the ones who go to nightclubs, have a drink out with friends and socialize with many people. Regardless of how discomforting it is, it is a good way to find inspiration. The more you stay away from who you are, the more you find more reasons to come back to it.

What might seem not to be a comforting break is actually a true break; it allows you to give space for your real self to form new ideas while you try to work things out being not yourself.

Once you come back, you will find that your experiences will influence your work greatly. When you become who you are, you find new perspectives, information and you can creatively express them effectively.

The PPI Claims Situation In the Third Quarter of 2013

According to the Financial Ombudsman, PPI claims have soared with an increase of 26% with banks and lenders still rejecting great numbers of legitimate PPI claims. The FOS pointed out that around 8 out of 10 claims from the banks are still upheld in favour of customers, which says that banks are still dragging their feet to address PPI claims.

PPI is an insurance product designed to repay financing in the event of financial trouble caused by sickness or unemployment. With many mis sold the insurance policy, an average person could receive £2700 from a mis sold payment protection insurance policy. A PPI compensation calculator could produce a more accurate figure.

According to experts, the end of 2013 will not spell the end of the years-long financial scandal. The FOS may have reported a fall to 132,000 from 133,000 first to second quarter of 2013. They said that while PPI claims might have reached their peak, it will still increase in the next few years.

Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney said that PPI claims for 2013 is still greatly similar to the situation in 2012. Banks are still trying to delay their customers unnecessarily in refunding them. The 8 weeks total guarantee for returning claims stretched for months. Lloyds Banking Group was fined for delaying their customers with £4.3 million.

However, regardless of fines and losses the banking and finance industry is currently facing, the number of PPI claims will still increase as long as the claims process will not iron itself out. PPI claims companies, such as PPICalculatorCo enable customers to reclaim their insurance repayments regardless of the banks’ attitude towards their customers.